Janna Hafer



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3/7/15 - Any new construction project usually starts out as an idea. When it actually starts to take shape, that idea is becoming a reality. When the interior framing started appearing, I could walk around on the first floor (no stairs yet) and visualize where each room was going to be. I could look up and imagine the rooms on the second floor. I’m not the architect so I don’t know how the architect “sees” how the parts fit together so I was quite amazed how something that I had seen on paper many, many times was now coming together – each wall, each window opening, each doorway, how the second floor depended on the structure on the first floor. It was fascinating to say the least! I did mention to my architect that I thought one window should be a little bigger and one doorway a little taller. I don’t want him to think I’m not watching. However, all in all, I simply love my architect!
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