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08/27/14 - What happens first? Since the property was a parking lot for 40 years, there were wheel stops that needed a new home. The parking lot next to our architectural firm was in need of wheel stops. Thus, a new home was found for the wheel stops and they were moved first. Then the asphalt needed to be removed, at least where the basement was to be located. Of course, the asphalt was recycled. An old basement was uncovered while our basement hole was being dug. Of course, that was recycled as well. The rigid insulation for under and around the basement was delivered. During this time, I had to make several trips to the local grocery store to purchase cases of borax. As is turns out, borax is a substance that retards the set time of fly ash concrete. Fly ash is a waste product of burning coal. The cement trucks arrived and the footings were poured on August 27, 2014. So far, all seemed to be going well.
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