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Urban Frontier House

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12/09/15 - What is BioPCM and is this something I really need in the house??? BioPCM stands for Bio Phase Change Material and the purpose, according to the marketing brochure, is to “help maintain constant, comfortable building temperatures.” That sounds like a good thing but I have never heard of such a product. I am, however, familiar with the scientific principle since I spent many an hour learning Chemistry in Room 101 Gaines Hall at Montana State University. The basic concept is that materials have a natural tendency to absorb heat when they melt and to release heat when they solidify. The classic example is water giving off heat when it changes to ice or water absorbing heat when it changes to steam. This mystery stuff is a “bio-based material … encapsulated in flame retardant, super-engineered polyfilm.” We decided that if this stuff works like they claim, it could be the difference between comfort and discomfort on either a very hot day or a very cold night. We decided to give it a try. Randy easily installed the sheets of BioPCM by stapling them to the wall studs before the walls are enclosed. I hope this isn’t one of those “too good to be true” examples. Time will tell!
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