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Urban Frontier House

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01/16/16 - My brother Scott owns his own business, “Rent-a-Hubby,” and is a very capable handyman. He is the one people can call upon to assist them with those “honey do” projects that never seem to get done. He seems like he is busy all the time but being the wonderful brother that he is he made himself available to tackle a few projects for us on our new house. One of those jobs was to strip layers of paint off a few old doors we had salvaged. It was fairly tedious but he did such a nice job. Another project he undertook was to sand the OSB walls in the living room. He created mountains of sawdust and was covered from head to foot but the walls look great! Typically, OSB is not left as the finish on walls but we are planning on leaving them exposed and just applying a clear sealer. They sort of look like walls of marble made out of wood. I’m not sure what other tasks we might find for him to do but I’m sure they will be equally exciting. I just wanted to take this opportunity to give him a Shout Out and wish him a Happy Birthday!!!
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