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08/07/14 - Now what? Oh yeah, we still don’t have the building permit. The drawings have been at the Building Department for months. What is taking so long? There are a lot of structural questions. Okay, we have a structural engineer who can address your concerns. What else? There are a lot of electrical questions. Okay, our electrical consultant is still finalizing the electrical system and we will provide a delayed submittal with the final electrical plan. What else? Oh, there is no egress window in the basement. The only things in the basement are rainwater tanks, a water treatment system, and the composter. Why do we need a window? Well, there is a second exit requirement because the square footage in the basement exceeds the limit. But, we don’t want a window in the basement. Okay, how about a pull down stair in the basement that opens up on the first floor next to an egress window? Okay, that can work. On July 11, 2014, we received our building permit. We went to the Building Department and took pictures. The people in the Building Department said they didn’t remember ever having their pictures taken while giving out a building permit. And, on August 7, 2014, we “officially” broke ground on Urban Frontier House.
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