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Urban Frontier House

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10/22/15 - As the architect, Randy had a kitchen design for the new house. As the main cook, I had a few ideas for the kitchen design as well. First of all, in the beginning, there was no pantry. I REALLY wanted a pantry; in fact, I was convinced I NEEDED a pantry for adequate storage in the kitchen. Randy bumped out the north wall to accommodate my wishes. Yeah!!! Second, kitchens tend to be VERY high energy consumers because of all the major appliances, particularly the refrigerator, so major considerations needed to be made. From many sources, the consensus is that the most energy efficient refrigerator on the market is the Sunfrost; however, there is no water dispenser in the door and no automatic icemaker in the freezer. I rather like those features but Randy is convinced these are conveniences which are too energy demanding and which we can live without! Bummer!!! Then, there was the disagreement about the corner in the kitchen. I wanted a diagonal upper corner cabinet for storing dishes and for transition. Randy wanted a straight upper wall cabinet because it is less bulky and would allow more light from the living room. I wanted direct access to the lower cabinet from the living room side. Randy wanted a longer bar top on the living room side. We were at an impasse on this issue for months! The cabinetmaker needed an answer. The contractor needed an answer. We couldn’t order the countertop until we had an answer. What do you do when two people don’t agree? I am a firm believer that one person should not prevail all the time and the other person should not acquiesce all the time. In the end, Randy got the straight upper wall cabinet and I got direct access to the lower cabinet. Whew! Thankfully that is decided and we can move on so this house can get finished one of these days.
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