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Urban Frontier House

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03/10/16 - We have an over-sized two car garage attached on the west end of the garden room. It is over-sized to accommodate some storage and a shop area for Randy. The driveway to our garage is composed of a Gravelpave permeable grid of raised rings made of “solid plastic resin, primarily from post-consumer and post industrial recycled sources, with a polyester fabric backing from recycled sources.” We filled the rings with red scoria course gravel approximately ¾” in size. Yes, this stuff is made to drive on and it’s 100% made in the USA. It also allows for moisture to pass through in order to replenish the groundwater as opposed to a solid surface such as concrete which is basically impermeable. We lined the north and south edges of the Gravelpave with a line of stone pavers made at the local Pottery Shop which is located about eight blocks from our house. We can’t pull into the garage yet because it is still set up as a workshop but now, when we come over to the house, we can pull into the driveway. That’s pretty fun!
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