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6/1/15 - We are having a heck of a time trying to find interior doors which meet the FSC wood requirement (or equivalent), that are within the distance requirement, and are reasonably priced (which is our requirement). We have checked retailers far and wide without much success. We have checked The Restore for salvaged doors. We are drawing a blank; when, lo and behold, we hear about a small operation that makes furniture and other items mostly out of beetle-killed or fire-killed logs harvested from eastern and central Montana forests. We are well aware of the devastation to the forests by the pine beetle and of the fire season which strikes Montana forests every year but we were not aware that someone was re-purposing some of the dead logs practically in our own backyard. We did some investigating and found “Country Pine” located within blocks of our building site. Let me tell you; Ken and his crew are quite the craftsmen! And, Ken is willing to tackle our interior doors. Who knows? We might have some other projects for him as well. And to think we might never have found “Country Pine” if we hadn’t taken on the Living Building Challenge.
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