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11/07/14 - I am well aware that insulation is a good thing but how much insulation do we really need? When I thought of building a new house, I contemplated the kitchen layout, the location of bedrooms and bathrooms, and how many closets. I’m not opposed to insulation but it was not on my radar screen as a priority. That was not the case with Randy. He was all about the insulation. It’s everywhere; it’s everywhere! It’s under the basement slab; it’s around the basement; it’s under the front slab. The walls will be made of structural insulated panels filled with 12 inches of rigid insulation and the roof will also be structural insulated panels filled with 18 inches of rigid insulation. Insulation is not necessarily sexy or inexpensive but once it’s there, it does its job every minute of every day. So, the correct answer is: I love insulation!!!
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