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04/18/15 - Up to this point, the contractor has only been focusing on the house portion of the Urban Frontier House. Around mid-April, the footings were poured on the alley-side (west) of the house for the garage and garden room. (Notice the chunks of concrete from a previous foundation found on the property that are being used as fill.) The garage will be accessed off the alley. The garden room is between the house and the garage and faces south (almost). The street grid in this part of town is 32º off of south so my architect (Randy) had to figure out a way to maximize the sun exposure to the garden room. This was done by placing the house as close to the south setback limit as possible and by placing the garage as close to the north setback limit as possible. Thus, the garden room is skewed on the property. Windows will fill the south-facing side of the garden room and the photovoltaic panels (solar panels) will occupy the roof of the garage and garden room and face south. All this had to be calculated up front in order to garner the most benefit from the sun. Even though we live in a northern climate, we are fortunate to have an average of 205 sunny days and sunshine is FREE! Therefore, let the sun shine!
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