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Urban Frontier House

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10/02/16 - I never imagined that it would be two years and two months from when construction began to when I finally made the move to our new house. Oh, we have moved lots of things into the house over the last several months but I had not moved my personal items that indicate that I actually live there. We have been sleeping in the new house since July and Randy moved his clothes in late July. Moving involved more than just moving items in; we also needed to learn how to live in this type of house, testing the systems, and working out any “bugs.” There are many down sides to moving but one up side is that everything in the current house had to be picked up and moved which provided the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart with myself and to weed out some non-essential stuff. We got rid of a lot of stuff seven years ago so where did we get all this new stuff??? It must be Randy’s stuff! Well, Randy has his fair share – things like his tools, camping gear, and his golf clubs but some of it is left behind stuff from when the kids lived at home. Things like a few old prom dresses that were really special, a pink fishing pole with a reel that lights up, the green blow-up thing in the garage that looks like a floating device with cup holders, and an oboe that never seems to fit in the suitcase when the kid leaves again after the most recent visit. The instructions are always the same, “Mom, please don’t get rid of my stuff!!!” But then there is my stuff – my sewing machine and all the paraphernalia that goes with it, the boxes of photos from when the kids were little, and all the Christmas decorations. I am really trying to get serious about which stuff makes the move and which stuff doesn’t make the cut which has been quite time consuming. However, October 2, 2016 was when I officially moved into the new house with my essential stuff – things like my toothbrush, my curling iron, and all my shoes.
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