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Urban Frontier House

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02/15/16 - The metal for the rain gutters finally arrived last week and were installed in one day. The downspouts are in place and are connected to the six rain barrels. The rain barrels are crafted from pre-used food grade barrels that were originally used to ship pickled food overseas. (The barrels don’t smell like pickles so, hopefully, our water won’t taste like pickles!) The company making the rain barrels minimizes their carbon footprint through effective use of water by collecting rainwater off their roof to use for washing the barrels. They advertise on the website that they “haven’t used a drop of city water in over eight years.” That is exactly what we are hoping to do also. So, now we just need it to rain and on Monday, February 15, 2016 it rained in Billings, Montana. Rain fell on our roof, was captured in the rain gutters, traveled into the rain barrels, and collected in the rainwater tanks in our basement. We could see the level in the bottom of the rainwater tanks at about two inches. Of course, we can’t really move in until we have quite a bit more water than that but at least it’s a start. This rain was a very welcome event. Oh, happy, oh, happy days!!!
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