Janna Hafer



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08/26/09 - Before we could build the Urban Frontier House, we had to sell the Big Tin House. The Big Tin House is where Randy and I were married and all of our seven children lived in that house at one time or another. We had many memories in that house so selling it was somewhat bittersweet but it was very big. (My definition of “very big” is: How many bathrooms do I have to clean on cleaning day?) The youngest child was a senior in high school and soon would be heading off to “seek her fortune.” We put the house on the market but knew that it might take awhile to sell since it would take a buyer wanting a big house. Every time the realtor called for a showing, it was a mad dash to “spiff up” the house and then vacate the premises. Then one day we got “the” offer. The buyer would like to close in 30 days. Yikes! The race was on! Sorting, giving away, packing fourteen years of accumulated “stuff” was daunting. The night before the closing, Randy and I mopped our way out of the house at 1:00 a.m. with the last load in the car and drove away from the Big Tin House for the last time. We sold the Big Tin House on August 26, 2009.

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