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Urban Frontier House

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12/15/15 - We don’t have much sheetrock in the Urban Frontier House but we do have some. Mainly, it is in the bathrooms, laundry room, high walls, and the ceilings of the hip ends. In this case “hip” is actually an architectural term rather than a slang adjective; however, I do think the hip ends are pretty hip! The sheetrock couldn’t go up until the mineral wool insulation (instead of fiberglass insulation) was tucked into all the remaining nooks and crannies and wall cavities. Our sheetrock came from Cody, Wyoming which is only 106 miles from Billings and the “rockers” had it up the week before Christmas. (This is where I could say something about “rocking around the Christmas tree” but I will spare you that “hip end” to this blog. :))
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