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07/22/15 - I had no idea that I would be soooooooooooooooooooo excited to see skylights and roofing installed at the new house. For the last few months, every time it rained outside, it also rained in the house. Around the end of June, the skylights were installed. Our skylights are from Velux and they are solar powered. That means there is no wiring to each skylight but they can still be programmed to open and close and the blinds in the skylights can be opened and closed. The skylights on the south side are larger than the ones on the north side but all six will provide light and ventilation. I really like these skylights! Also around the end of June, the metal arrived from Bridger Steel and the soffit and fascia installation began. There are quite a few eaves so the soffit and fascia installation took awhile. The eaves around the crow’s nest particularly were very challenging since it is three stories up and the roof pitch is substantial. However, the contractors did an excellent job and were extremely fastidious about matching seams and lining up the fasteners. We were very impressed and pleased! And now the corrugated metal roofing is being installed. (Bridger Steel, which is located right here in Billings, actually makes corrugated metal roofs so I’m guessing that Randy is not the only one who wants a corrugated metal roof.) It is structurally strong and impact resistant. It’s perhaps not your typical roofing material but this is not your typical house which makes it perfect for Randy.
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