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Urban Frontier House

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07/13/16 - The Governor of Montana, Steve Bullock, hosted the Innovate Montana Symposium in Billings in mid-July 2016 and his staff had asked us months ago if our house could be open for tours during the symposium. Months ago it did not seem like tours in July would be a problem. We had our work schedule lined out and were making significant progress; however, as the date for the symposium approached, the “sweat equity” hours increased. We were working at the house every weekend and almost every night after work. I was still painting trim. (I had a rude awakening just how much trim is in a house when I found myself on trim painting detail!!!) Randy was installing the trim and the railing on the front porch. The furniture movers were scheduled for July 7. My mom came over to dust furniture and help make beds. Randy and I were up very late the night before the tours. The house wasn’t completely finished and the landscaping wasn’t done but we were as ready as we were going to be. The morning of July 13th dawned into a beautiful Montana day. I greeted the tours at the front door. Randy, three of our architectural staff, and the wind power supplier hosted five educational stations at the house for the approximately 80 tour attendees. One of the local TV stations showed up and we were on the evening news. All in all, it was a really good day!

Follow this link to the KTVQ video. First look at Billings fully sustainable, off the grid home. 
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