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05/12/15 - In January of 2014, Randy was selected to present a TEDx talk at the newly opened Billings Public Library. His talk was about our proposed new off-the-grid house. It seemed to spark some interest; however, at that time, it was still in the planning stages. Now that we have broken ground and are actually building the house, it has peaked considerable interest. (Perhaps the interest is more along the lines of “have you heard about the wacky house that Randy Hafer is building now???”) Nevertheless, in the last month alone, Randy has been asked to present at a middle school “World of Work” class, to 3rd through 6th graders at the Boys & Girls Club of Yellowstone County, to the board of the Burton K. Wheeler Center for Public Policy, and to an audience at In Conversation at Toucan Art Gallery. Randy is excellent at public speaking; I’m better at writing (thanks to my high school Creative Writing teacher, Mr. Nesbit.) That’s why Randy is on the speaking circuit and I’m writing the blog :)

View Randy's TEDxBillings talk here Saving the planet one building at a time!
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