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In the past, clean drinking water was something that I assumed would be available every time I turned on the faucet. All of the water provided by the Water Production Division of the City of Billings comes from the Yellowstone River and I always felt confident that the water provided was of the highest quality. My 10 year old daughter didn’t necessarily agree. She only wanted the cold water that was available out of the refrigerator door and not the tap water out of the bathroom sink or the city water out of the kitchen faucet. When I tried to explain to her that all the water in the house was the same water, she was NOT convinced. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to argue with a 10 year old. The rainwater tanks in the basement of our new house are full and the filtration system is in place but is the water really ok to drink??? On August 29 I took two water samples – one from the kitchen sink and one from the graywater tank spigot - to Energy Labs here in Billings for complete analysis. I was told it would take approximately 10 days. Two weeks later, we received the results. The Microbiological Analytical Report indicated there is no E. coli bacteria present in either sample! That was really good news! The Physical Properties Analytical Report was within acceptable limits for all categories except for one result from each sample slightly out of range; however, neither of those characteristics has any direct health effects. Not sure if the water will pass the criteria of my daughter but for me, I am good to go!
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