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10/01/15 - Wow! Our contractor and his crew have really made substantial progress in the past week. The siding is going up; the front sidewalk was poured; and our windmill was installed on October 1. A large entourage was present for the installation of the windmill – engineers, contractors, consultants, and owners (that’s us!). In addition, the process was mustering significant interest by passers-by. Vertical axis windmills aren’t installed in residential front yards every day. The pole is brown in hopes of replicating a tree trunk. The blades were going to be green so they might blend in with the trees; however, the decision was made by the engineers that adding paint to the blades might alter the energy efficiency calculations. As a result, the blades remain silver, are quite sleek, and actually blend in with the house roof. The windmill is connected to four batteries in the basement of the house. After the batteries arrived, Randy asked me if I wanted to go downstairs and check out the batteries. I said, “Sure!” For the record, they look a lot like car batteries. I have to admit that I probably didn’t convey as much enthusiasm as Randy upon seeing the batteries for the first time. But then, matching Randy’s enthusiasm would be a difficult task. He has spent considerable time vetting the appropriate batteries for the project and having them finally on site was HUGE! Now, the windmill can start generating electricity which will be stored in the batteries. In the past, I have not been particularly fond of blustery days but I might be changing my tune as the wind is generating electricity for our new house.
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