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01/31/14 - As you might expect, we plan to take advantage of what the sun has to offer and have plans for a 2.16kw photovoltaic panel array on the roof. However, the sun doesn’t shine at night and sometimes it is cloudy. Enter Taisei Techno, a Japanese company producing wind turbines which even has a fabrication plant in Billings, Montana. Currently Taisei Techno has two vertical axis wind turbines in town – one very large one on the university campus and one rather small one that operates lights for a crosswalk. There are no residential wind turbines in Billings and would the city officials even allow one to be built? Randy and the Taisei representatives paid a visit to the office of Planning/Zoning/Code Enforcement. According to Randy, the City Planner was somewhat reluctant at the beginning. She assumed the wind turbine would be much taller and much larger than it is. However, it is within the height restrictions of the neighborhood and would not require a variance. And, it could be painted any color. In the end, she approved the project and we signed up for our “windmill” on January 31, 2014.
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