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02/25/15 - The perimeter walls on the main level are in place. The next items in the sequence to be installed are the beams. We purchased some large wood beams that had been removed from the former Lame Deer Elementary School. Two of those large wood beams were cut, planed, and installed where the east and west ends of the second floor would rest. We also needed two steel beams that would be located near the center of the house which would support the middle of the second floor and the east and west end of the “crow’s nest” on the third floor. We knew the source of the wood beams but where were the steel beams fabricated? The local supplier could supply two steel beams and he thought they were fabricated in Texas but he would confirm. Not so fast! One of the beams had been fabricated in Mexico. You might ask, “What difference does it make where it is fabricated?” Part of the Living Building Challenge is to source the materials as close to the site as possible so as to limit the environmental impact caused by hauling materials from all across the globe. Ultimately, our supplier was able to supply the second beam as well so construction could continue.
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