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Prepping the Site

07/13/10 - There were steps to be taken in order to prep the site for a house. Even though we were not ready to start construction, we could make some changes to the property that would have to be done eventually. First, on July 13, 2010, we wrote a letter to the City Engineer requesting removal of the curb cut to the parking lot and replacement with curb and gutter. Also, the sidewalk across the entrance to the parking lot was in need of repair. The tasks were added to the City’s Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk program. The price would ultimately end up on our tax bill, but it was a start! Second, a lone light pole stood on the property shining its light across the now empty parking lot every night. We weren’t paying for it but someone was. I contacted the electric company to have it removed. They first had to contact the person paying the electric bill every month to determine if it was okay with them. I surmise that our tax dollars were still paying that electric bill. Needless to say, the light pole was removed. And last, the existing trees on the property had been neglected for some time and were in need of a “haircut.” The dead branches were removed and the trees were trimmed up nicely. After 40 years as a parking lot, the site had started its transformation back to a contributing member of the residential neighborhood.
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