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01/01/15 - It is a new year! The Urban Frontier House is under construction, but nothing’s happening!!! We are waiting for FSC wood (wood from a sustainably harvested forest). That makes sense; why wouldn’t everyone choose to use wood from a sustainably harvested forest. Maybe it’s because it’s NOT EASY!!! In fact, it’s darn right DIFFICULT! For example: no, we couldn’t go down to our local hardware store and buy FSC 2 X 4s and construction grade plywood. The closest supplier for us is about 200 miles away but, no, we didn’t want to buy a train car load of lumber and that was the smallest quantity we could order. So, the search continued and continued and continued. Of course, our Project Architect is documenting all of her efforts. Finally, we placed four orders from four different suppliers in four different states. And, so, we wait. No wonder there are currently no Living Building Challenge certified homes. There is a reason it is called “challenge” because it certainly is. However, Randy (call him crazy) loves a challenge! And, so we wait.
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