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01/11/13 - After the double dog dare of Living Building Challenge and Passive House, we also registered the Urban Frontier House on January 11, 2013 with the US Green Building Council in hopes of having the house certified at the Platinum level. In March 2013, we signed an agreement with Acuity Power to assist us with determining our energy loads and the possibility of using a DC micro-grid. What is a DC micro-grid? Was that on the Goals or Programs list? Do I still get to use “essential appliances” such as my curling iron, hair straightener, and hair dryer??? Randy and I have had many discussions about what is an “essential appliance.” He has assured me that I don’t need to worry. Just for the record, as far as we know there is no other occupied residence operating with a DC micro-grid in the world. In April 2013, the lot was surveyed to determine the corners of the property in order to site the house. In May 2013, we made a trip to Minnesota to check out a house with a self-contained water treatment system (and take in a Twins game with our son and daughter-in-law). On June 2, 2013, our close friends in town painted a shovel gold, filled the trunk of their car with margaritas, and picked us up for the ground breaking of the Urban Frontier House. Let me just say that it is not easy to have a ground breaking in an asphalt parking lot. Not to be deterred, we gave it the old college try, tailgated with margaritas, and photographed the event. Nevertheless, 2013 was ultimately not the year for the “official” groundbreaking of the Urban Frontier House.
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