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10/01/14 - While we ultimately decided to not use the water treatment system we saw in Minnesota, we learned A LOT during the tour which gave Randy the extra confidence that our self contained water treatment system could definitely work! There was, however, one major problem. The state of Montana has a requirement that any residence within proximity of a municipal water supply must hook up and pay the price to do so. As a result of our trip to Minnesota, Randy approached the City Public Works Director to ask for release from that requirement. The beauty of living in Montana is that the Public Works Director said that he didn’t think that would be a problem and would even approach the Montana Department of Environmental Quality on our behalf. The answer was that we needed to write a letter stating that we would hook up to city services if our system proved a failure. We wrote the letter. We now have plans for 9,000 gallons of rainwater storage and a composter in our basement. So, what’s in your basement???
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