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08/01/13 - I have a dear friend who I met at Girl Scout Camp in the summer after the fifth grade. Every summer, we visit her and her husband at their cabin at Swan Lake in northwestern Montana. Sometimes we take all of our kids. Sometimes all of their kids are there as well. We water ski, hike, swim, eat well and basically have a wonderful vacation. In August of 2013 while on our annual vacation at Swan Lake, Randy and I invited these very good friends to accompany us on a field trip to Advanced Composting Systems in Whitefish, Montana. It was not on their “bucket list,” but they went with us just the same. Advanced Composting was not a very high tech operation, but then, composting is not high tech, it is biology. The owner gave us a personal tour and we left with the knowledge that this was where we would purchase the composting system for our new house. Was a composting system on the Goals or Program list? I don’t think so but if I was going to have a composting system in my house I had to see it for myself. Let me just say, that I am WAY OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE on this one but don’t let it be said that I’m not a team player.
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