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Urban Frontier House

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08/28/16 - Shortly after the Governor’s Innovate Montana Symposium, I noticed a distinct odor coming from all the drains. At that time, we had moved most of our furniture into the new house and were sleeping there but we were still cooking meals at our previous residence since we wanted to have the water at the new house tested first. For the most part, there wasn’t anything going down the drains except water and a little soap. The smell was so noticeable at times that I put tape over all the shower drains and stopped up all the sink drains. Randy checked the rainwater tanks, the graywater tank, the pumps, and the filters but there was no obvious odor. Where could it be coming from??? Nothing seemed amiss so we ran water down every drain in hopes of flushing the lines and went on our (much needed) annual vaca to Swan Lake in northwestern Montana (which was wonderful, BTW!) Unfortunately, upon our return the smell was still there. Randy contacted our MEP engineer who agreed to meet him at the house. Between the two of them, they discovered that the plumber had vented the drainline to the trap. This is typically done; however, this house is not typical. The back draft from the composter vent was occasionally sucked into the drainline. The good news is that it was an easy fix and the smell is now gone. I cannot properly convey my obvious relief. Not to sound like I’m up on my soapbox, but non-smelly air is NOT something to be taken for granted!!!
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