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06/22/15 - It’s big! It’s blue! It’s a ……………..??? What is it??? So, that’s what a composter looks like! So, that’s what is going to reside in my basement. When I was growing up, my grandma had a compost pile in her backyard. She also had beautiful flower gardens. I didn’t make the connection between the two. When Gran would save her fruit and vegetable scraps for her compost pile, I would often wonder why she didn’t just throw them “away” like other people did. Perhaps it was because she knew that “away” was actually a huge landfill pile of discarded stuff that accumulated more and more stuff and just kept getting bigger and bigger. Perhaps it was because she knew that composting biodegradable food scraps, grass clippings, and dry leaves actually produced something beneficial for her gardens. Perhaps I should have paid more attention at the time. If I would have, perhaps composting wouldn’t seem so foreign and mysterious to me now. Nevertheless, I am learning - better late than never. So, Gran, here’s to you!
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