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1/22/2015 - Timing is everything! We have been waiting and waiting for the FSC wood to arrive and finally on January 22, 2015, the first shipment arrives. Wahoo! Now the floor over the basement can be built. Then the walls can go up. Things are going to start happening now! However, it’s getting close to February 1st which is typically a slow time for construction in Montana. February tends to be sketchy when it comes to good construction weather which is why in February our contractor takes his family to Hawaii for a little R&R. Really??? No one should work all the time and everyone deserves a break, but can this really be happening??? The weather forecast this year is extremely nice for February. Fortunately, he has an excellent crew, so work will continue. Whew! So, Aloha, Andrew; have a wonderful vaca! We’ll look forward to seeing you when you return!
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