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Urban Frontier House

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03/28/16 - Randy has started installing the wood flooring in the main areas on the first floor but this is not your typical wood flooring. We investigated all types of wood flooring materials but ran into numerous roadblocks with ingredients on the Red List. We discovered that manufactured wood flooring is not just wood! Enter Nick from Mystic Reclaimed Lumber located just outside of Billings. Nick gives three reasons for using reclaimed lumber:

1. Environmental Impact. Using reclaimed lumber saves new trees from being harvested as well as greatly reducing fuels used in the production and shipping of milled lumber.

2. Stability & Strength. Aged lumber has been through plenty of winter/summer cycles and everything in between, so the wood is generally more stable and less likely to shrink, twist, and cup like fresh cut lumber. Aged lumber is also generally tighter grained than today’s lumber. Much of the reclaimed wood originally came from old growth forests which results in the natural, dense, tight grain patterns from trees grown naturally in the wild.

3. Character. With a vast array of patinas, textures, and grain patterns that only father time can create, nothing is comparable to the beauty and character reclaimed lumber presents.

The lumber for our wood flooring was all rafter stock from a few different buildings – a barn in Columbus, Montana; a calving shed in Molt, Montana; and a two story barn that had collapsed north of Acton, Montana. All of our floor boards are fir 2x6s reclaimed by Mystic Reclaimed Lumber and re-sawn by Country Pine. In fact, because of our project, these two entities are going to be collaborating on other projects. It’s a win-win-win!!!
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