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12/07/16 - I always envisioned having a fireplace in my new house, both for the ambiance and also as a back-up heat source. However, since the Living Building Challenge does not allow combustion of any type, a typical fireplace or even a wood burning stove was not in the cards. Bummer! Then, one day, we were visiting the house of our low voltage engineer and I commented on how much I liked his fireplace but that we couldn’t have a fireplace in our house because of the combustion. He informed me that his was a totally electric fireplace. I was sold! Since my mom was concerned that we weren’t going to be warm enough in our house with no heating system, she offered to buy us an electric fireplace for Christmas and we could even install it before Christmas if the temperature in the house got too cool. Randy thought we should wait; I thought we should get it installed early just in case. I painted an old door dark red and on December 7 Randy installed the electric fireplace. It puts off a nice glow plus I can sit right in front of it if I get chilled. I told Mom we can put a big bow on it for Christmas Eve since actually it is a Christmas present. Besides, I needed a place to hang our Christmas stockings :)
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