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12/26/18 - It just so happens that a person can get a really good deal on a snowblower in August. The weather is usually quite warm and no one is thinking about blowing snow. However, after our record-setting snowfall last winter, I remembered all too well the many days of shoveling numerous inches of heavy snow off the entire length of sidewalk on our corner lot for it just to snow again the next day. So, when the ad popped up on my computer about the “too good to be true” deal on the cordless electric snowblower, Sno Joe, I was extremely interested. It would be the perfect Christmas gift for Randy!!! I placed the order and, fortunately, it was delivered when Randy was out of the office. It was sort of heavy for me to muscle into the car and then up the stairs at home to be hidden in the secret room disguised under a blanket until Christmas morning. It worked like a charm! Randy was quite surprised and only slightly dismayed that we didn’t have a white Christmas this year. He knew it would snow eventually, though, so he charged up the battery just in case. He didn’t have to wait too long; it snowed that night. So the day after Christmas, Randy was bundled up trying out his new Sno Joe. It seems big kids like toys also :)
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