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Urban Frontier House Living

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Frontier Fence showed up two days after we returned from our annual trek to Swan Lake in northwestern Montana. The fence on the south side of the house is a 4’ chain link fence. The goal is to allow as much sun as possible to reach the fruit and vegetable gardens while attempting to keep out any critters that might want to partake of our future harvest.

It reminds me of the story of Peter Rabbit and Mr. McGregor. Peter Rabbit was always so loveable and Mr. McGregor was not so much; however, I am tending to side with Mr. McGregor these days when I see “urban bunnies” munching on my flowers. In addition, Frontier Fence installed a 3’ chain link fence along the property line north of the front yard and tall fence posts along the property line north of the house. Thus, concludes Fencing Phase 1. Fencing Phase 2 will take place probably next summer after Randy locates enough recycled boards to attach to those tall fence posts for our wooden patio fence. Everything in its time.
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