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12/28/17 - What happened between October 15 and December 28, 2017??? Other than helping our daughter and her family move from Wyoming to Washington, preparing for the holidays, hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas, and working full-time at the office, I found time to paint the eight sills in the garden room and Randy prepped the four medicine cabinets for installation. As a Christmas present, our future son-in-law offered to apply a clear finish to all of our interior doors during his break from school. So, on the Wednesday after Christmas, Randy and I took all of the interior doors down and stacked them by our front door. The next day, our future son-in-law hauled them to the finishing shop where he works part-time, applied two coats of eco-friendly clear sealer, and returned them the same day. I was soooooo not looking forward to that task and now it’s all done. They are gorgeous! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
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