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11/13/16 - We have barely moved in, the house isn’t even complete yet, and I have already found something that needs to be fixed. Our kitchen cabinets are custom-made by Country Pine out of beetle-killed pine and I really like them; however, there are two lower cabinets with built-in-place shelves. We somehow had neglected to order them with pull-out shelving. Accessing anything at the back of those shelves is NOT easy. I have had lower cabinet shelving that pulls out before and it is definitely the way to go (regardless of the fact that I’m not getting any younger). Therefore, it is a job for Fix-it Man!!! Randy, my live-in Super Hero, found some shelving glides at the local hardware store and was able to alter those lower shelves with only minimal *&^%#(<δ! Now, I really LOVE those lower shelves. Thank you, Fix-it Man!!!
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