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06/11/17 - In 1980, while Randy was attending graduate school at Yale University, he was invited along with five other classmates to participate in a semester long seminar focused on Venice, Italy, and the surrounding region. The seminar culminated with a three week trip to Venice. In 2000, the same bunch plus a few spouses (including me) went back to Venice for their twenty-year reunion. I had never been to Italy and it was BIG FUN! Since then the same group has reconvened over the years with as many as possible in attendance in various home states such as Tennessee and Connecticut. Randy has been wanting the gang to come to Montana for quite some time and 2017 was the year. Unfortunately, the professor and his wife were not able to make it at the last minute but the guys plus a few spouses all showed up and stayed with us in our house. This was certainly a test to see if we could house seven additional overnight guests for four nights and not run out of water! Of course, everyone had to have a lesson as to how the light switches and the toilets functioned. They were a quick study and everything went swimmingly if I do say so myself! Since the gang was a group of architects, Randy was anxious to share the idiosyncrasies of the house as well as show them some of his architecture projects in downtown Billings. And he couldn’t wait to take them to the Beartooth Mountains, Yellowstone Park, Pompey’s Pillar, and Custer Battlefield. The house performed well and the four days flew by but not before the guys strategized when and where the group might meet up next. 2020 is right around the corner and that might call for a return trip to Italy for a 40-year reunion. Fantastico!!!
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