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12/16/16 - On December 16, 2016 the temperature in Billings fell to -19º with a wind chill to -27º. The front page of the newspaper the next morning read, “Snowfall breaks a 1978 record.” Billings hadn’t seen a winter storm like this for thirty-eight years. This was certainly a challenge for a self-sustaining house with no heat source. Randy was excited to see just how low it would get in the house. I did not necessarily share his enthusiasm. With the blankets and comforter on the bed, I was snugly warm and slept like a baby, but when it was time to get up in the morning, it was a completely different story. The temperature in the house was 52º. I admit it was at least 71 degrees warmer than outside but it was not warm. Fortunately, we had the electric fireplace and a few electric space heaters. I wanted to talk about some additional heat sources. Randy agreed that perhaps it was a bit chilly and that we could look at doing something but he did not want to go overboard saying, “We don’t want to overheat.” At that point, I was not the least bit concerned about overheating! I told him that he owed me BIG time for this experiment!
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