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03/26/17 - Our two granddaughters (and their parents) came for a visit toward the end of March. The first thing Grandy (Grandpa Randy) wanted the girls to experience was a trip up the spiral staircase to the Crow’s Nest. The girls had been hearing about it for a long time but they had never actually gone up the stairs. While they were up there, they scoped out the loft that is designated as a potential “kid zone.” They also wanted to check out the Secret Room off of the second floor guest room but one thing they had not contemplated was a peek into the composter. They were all over that idea. In fact, Emilie said, “This is the most exciting experience of my life.” To think that their parents have done their best to give their girls numerous opportunities to expand their horizons and we topped all that with an exhilarating gaze into our composter.
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