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Montana is known for its beautiful summers. The unfortunate thing about Montana summers if you are in need of some landscape work is that the landscape companies are EXTREMELY BUSY. We are working with Good Earth Works and it is the same situation for them. They were waiting for a large federal job to start but they did have a window of opportunity where they could start in our yard. Before they were able to show up for our project, I spent many an hour, day, and weekend trying to keep ahead of the weeds appearing in the yard. (Our neighbor, Kerry, also provided assistance with her weed wacker!?)

Turns out that weeds are extremely opportunistic. They show up everywhere and anywhere! I think I got tennis elbow from pulling weeds. It was a glorious day when Good Earth Works showed up with their mini backhoe and took care of all the weeds and the rocky dirt in one fell swoop. My elbow thanks you! After that was the installation of the drip irrigation system. Then they began installing the metal garden beds (these are really slick) that I had found online and Randy and I had started putting together. One of these days, we will have fruits and vegetables growing in those beds with a row of sunflowers along the house hopefully to attract bees. And, then, the federal job started and our job came to a screeching halt. We knew it could happen but it was certainly a bummer when it did. On the other hand, we are quite pleased with their work so far and will wait patiently(???) for their return.
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