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Henry from Sundance Solar showed up today to install more solar panels. We did have a 2.0kWh PV array and now we have a 6.03kWh PV array. Calculating all the electrical requirements for running the lights and appliances (both large and small) in the house was a challenge. We have found the largest demand for electricity is in the middle of the winter when the days are shorter and colder. This was really not a surprise but spending time in the house during that long, cold “snowiest winter ever” of 2018 helped us more accurately determine our actual needs. Henry estimates that this new system will produce somewhere between 8,000 and 9,000 kWh/year. Until going through this exercise, I had no idea how many kWh/year I really needed to run my house. I would guess that I am not the only one with that lack of awareness. The good news is that, particularly in the summer, those solar panels will be producing more energy than we will use which will allow us a cushion for the days when it’s not as sunny. We are connected to the electrical grid with a net meter and Randy just loves to watch that meter run backwards!
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