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12/10/18 - Our Garden Room had a setback last spring when we discovered that moisture was wreaking havoc with the walls. Randy and our contractor put their heads together and decided that the plan of attack included a moisture barrier layer and moisture proof sheetrock followed by taping the joints. Those tasks were completed in the first half of November but only after we moved my potted plants out of the Garden Room into my sewing room which made for really cramped working space for my plants and me. I tried to explain to my plants that it was only temporary but the light in my sewing room isn’t anywhere close to the great light in the Garden Room. That is why painting the Garden Room became a priority even though it is December and I would rather be spending time preparing for Christmas. Nevertheless, we got the first coat on the entire room and the final coats on the ceiling before we ran out of paint. Oh, well, everything in its time. It was enough to get the plants back in the Garden Room for now. So, Merry Christmas from my plants and me!
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