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10/15/17 - Large concrete pavers are extremely heavy! We had purchased 24 of them last fall and they were stacked behind the garage for almost a year but on October 15, 2017 we were ready to bring them indoors. The road mix had to be raked to slope gradually from the house door to the garage door since the garage is one foot lower than the house. After leveling the road mix and installing weed mat, the two of us lifted the pavers two at a time into the wheelbarrow, rolled them into the garden room, and then lowered them into place. We had strategized the placement of the pavers and it went fairly smoothly; however, what looked smooth to the “naked” eye didn’t always prove flat once the paver was laid down. And, concrete pavers don’t bend! So we had to do a little finagling to get everything level and sloping just right. Before the road mix arrived, we had spent a year stepping down into the garden room. It took us awhile to get used to being able to walk out the back door at grade and not have to reach up to turn on the lights. We are extremely pleased with the garden paths!
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