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02/16/19 - The plan has always been for the south side of our over-sized two car garage to be Randy’s shop. He has lots of tools and supplies that need a home; however, up until recently, the second stall plus the south side of the garage has been the site of numerous other activities. During construction, the contractors used it to store materials. Then, it transitioned into staging for cutting trim and floorboards resulting in an overwhelming abundance of sawdust. Next, it was the site of an accumulated conglomeration of “stuff” such as tools, painting supplies, wood scraps, recycling bins, shelves, an old chest of drawers, a scavenged wood door, cardboard boxes, a sheet of plywood, and gardening paraphernalia in addition to all the sawdust. Randy had his work cut out for him. Nevertheless, he was up to the task and more than pleased once it all came together. Now, he can (usually) find what he needs because there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. An organized shop ;) It’s a beautiful thing!
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