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01/26/19 - Now that winter has officially arrived, the snow is falling and collecting on our solar panels. Solar panels are not very effective when they are completely covered with snow. Randy had been pondering how he was going to get up on the snow-covered roof to clear the snow from the panels. I was not liking where this was going. Not to worry! “Roofer Joe to the rescue!” Randy discovered that the company that made his Sno Joe snowblower also makes a product called Roofer Joe. According to the ad it is a “twist-n-lock telescoping pole that quickly and easily adjusts from 6.2 feet to a whopping 21 feet for even greater overhead reach.” Randy ordered one. This long roof rake comes in handy when snow needs to be removed from the solar panels all while standing on the ground. The marketing material is quite convincing: “Get equipped for winter cleanup with Roofer Joe and defend your home when winter strikes.” Randy is now at the ready!!!
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