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The Billings Gazette featured this photo and caption in their March 1 edition: THIS FEBRUARY WAS BILLINGS’ SECOND-SNOWIEST EVER. And, snow is in the forecast. Oh, my word, there is snow everywhere! And, with snow usually comes a certain amount of cold weather. After last winter with no heating system in our house, I told Randy he really needed to look into something to raise the temperature in the house just a little bit, and he did. Randy installed a very sleek, energy efficient electric cove heater from Green Heating above the sliding glass door in the eating area in the kitchen. It radiates just enough heat to take the chill off. It’s GREAT!!! I’m hoping for perhaps another one in the living/dining room. The other thing we did this winter is to turn the HRV on low all the time. This circulates all the air in the house through the garden room. These two changes have made a significant difference in the comfort level in the house. We are still learning and tweaking things and still doing touch up painting on the interior trim which is a good task on a really snowy day. I’m convinced Spring is just around the corner so I’m motivated to get the trim finished since I don’t want to be painting trim when I’d rather be gardening.
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