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02/05/17 - The upstairs linen closet was one thing that we felt didn’t need to be finished before we moved into the house. Now that we are towards the end of winter, that linen closet is getting built. Randy had set aside leftover fir flooring from the first floor to use on the exterior of this closet. One of Randy’s favorite construction quotes is: “Measure twice and cut once.” However, the construction quote used most often during this endeavor was: “Cut it off twice and it’s still too short!” There was a lot of grumbling and traipsing back and forth to the garage going on so I felt it was best to make myself scarce and concentrate on my trim painting in the other room. Randy claims this closet has more mistakes embedded in it than anything he has ever built. Nevertheless, the weekend project that took four weekends was finally completed and I am thrilled. In spite of what he thinks, it looks great and I can now put away the bedding for any brave houseguests that might happen our way.
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