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11/19/16 - It’s almost Thanksgiving and our son Matthew arrived on the Friday before to spend Thanksgiving week with us. We hate to be so transparent but we had A LOT of tasks that could use Matthew’s assistance. Saturday morning we rented a truck and, with Matthew’s help, picked up around fifty concrete blocks and then unloaded them at the new house. Next, we headed over to The Pottery Shop to pick up ten 110# retaining wall sections and twenty-four 14” X 36” 90# pavers for the garden room. After that, we filled up the truck with “give-away” furniture and items and delivered the load to the local donation site. Did Matthew and Randy ever work up a sweat that day? They used muscles they didn’t even know they had. And then a few days later, Matthew put three coats of red paint on the garden room doors. We did feed him well, though, when we hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner in the new house for ten family members. Thanksgiving is always a good time to reflect upon our many blessings and those for whom we are thankful and Matthew is definitely included on that list.
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