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10/25/18 - Randy is like a kid with a new toy! He now has his weather station functioning at full capacity. Recently, he attached the outdoor sensor to a tall pole at the southwest corner of our lot. Then, he hung the indoor sensor and the data screen on the hall wall inside the house. The data screen started to generate numbers and graphs; however, the indoor metrics were not available. He was so bummed! He called the company the next day and explained the situation. They surmised that, for whatever reason, the indoor sensor was not performing and suggested Randy purchase another one for $16.00. Normally, the sensor would be under warranty but Randy had bought his weather station back in September of 2015 and the warranty was no longer valid. (I guess you could say he was a little anxious!) Nevertheless, he ordered another indoor sensor, waited for the delivery, and installed it as soon as it arrived. Wahoo!!! It worked! The data screen is generating indoor and outdoor information and producing graphs in various colors. Randy is soooooooooooooooo excited! If anyone would like to stop by and take a look, he would be more than delighted to show it to you :)
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