Brad Kahler AAIA

Project Designer II

Brad’s passion for architecture and the world of design was born from his first LEGO set. From that moment on, his attention to detail and interest in the built environment became a passionate obsession. His desire to create and maintain a more sustainably active and responsible form of architecture naturally drew him to High Plains. Couple that with his extensive construction experience, an affinity for adaptive reuse furniture design, and zest for anything related to the great outdoors of Montana and you have a fitting addition to our High Plains team.

Born and raised in Billings, his motivation for stewardship of our community and how we choose to preserve and augment its character stems from his hometown pride. His artistic nature and knack for problem solving are inherent in his ability to up-cycle discarded materials into furniture with an industrial and architectural flair. His pieces have been displayed at the Yellowstone Art Museum. An avid outdoorsman, Montana is his ideal “last best place” for hunting, fishing, hiking, backpacking, camping, skiing and even indulging in the occasional quest to get lost on some of the country’s rugged and untamed back-roads. His respect for the environment and commitment to preserve its integrity results from lifetime exposure and access to the natural world.

Brad received his Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design and Master of Architecture from Montana State University. He has served as president of the Billings Jaycees and held multiple board positions in his tenure with the leadership organization. He is the co-founder of Billings Jaycees' Two Moon Haunted Hallows and a current member of the Northern Plains Resource Council.
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