Martina Parrish AAIA, LEED Green Assoc.

Architect in Training
Martina has a passion for adaptive reuse, and helping existing buildings be in an urban setting. She continues to find inspiration in Montana’s rich history and way of life. Originally from Colorado, she graduated with her Master of Architecture from Montana State University in 2008, and spent time with firms in Southwest Montana and Alaska prior to joining High Plains Architects. She has a wide range of experience from commercial music venues to small residential projects, involving interior design on numerous occasions.
Experimenting with wall assemblies, integrated engineering solutions, and innovative architectural products is an exciting aspect of Martina’s responsibilities at High Plains Architects. She is interested in exploring the design vernacular of this railroad town, and understands that looking to the past to help inform designs for the future is the only way to preserve an aesthetic that is of this place. She is excited to be a part of High Plains Architects where we respect the impact the way we build can have on our community.

Outside of work, Martina loves to travel, and always enjoys getting lost in the wilderness of Montana. Experiencing and enjoying the vastness of the Montana landscape will always be one of her passions. Camping, hiking, fishing, snowboarding, and cross country skiing are some favorite pastimes. Paddle boarding is also becoming a favorite activity, exploring lakes and creeks all over the state. On a cold day you will find her inside cooking, baking, or drinking coffee.

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